Tuesday, 21 September 2010

You Spin Me Right Round

Would you believe it! Having got myself in a tizz over having a blog that no-one, seemingly, peruses beside my old man, I find myself attracting attention in not just one but two cool platforms in a matter of days. The lovely folks at Weardrobe found my 70s' Sensibility fit to be featured on their front page and come today, I open the ever regular Black Milk mailout to find lil' old me being described as super stylish. Both these coupled with an obscene amount of hot yoga are going a long way in keeping the smile on my face!

Have I mentioned that I am an 80s baby? Well, if you didn't know before, this silk beaded top I scored on Etsy totally gives the game away wouldn't you say! The trousers are from Uniqlo and yes, those are the very same magical Walter Steigers I introduced last week.
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