Friday, 9 July 2010

70s' sensibility

I love the sun, I really do but this English weather just leaves me feeling lethargic. Lacklustre and without inspiration. Everything seems like a chore and there is no pleasure in getting dressed. My month of choice? Autumn without a doubt. Autumn makes dressing up more thrilling and already as I hit the buy button on so many new acquisitions, I know for a fact that my mind is no longer on summer but the impending months. Hurry up September, follow behind November, I have layers in mind and black to wear...

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Top - Vintage
Jeans - Vintage
Wedges - ASH
Bag - Vintage
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  1. Love your '70s chic here! Lovely high-waist jeans and wedge sandals. Great stuff!

  2. I might be an 80s baby but I happily rep every decade ;) Let me know what your fav decade is and I promise style apost in its honour!


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