Friday, 11 February 2011

The Return of the Caped Crusader

Wow, what is this you wonder!? Surely, it cannot be a blog update! Forgive me. Truly. A whole week has gone by and my stressed brain has surely shrunk in size during that period. We now have internet access which makes all things better and I can get back to lavishing love and attention on the blog. And of course catching up with all YOUR outpourings that I have missed during the past week.

Hubby called me Little Black Riding Hood in this get-up! I am wearing a Mina dress paired with a vintage coat I 'taxed' off my darling mother, Firetrap booties and Schwing Schwing corset belt. In my mind the dress was to be paired with a lace slip underneath (as shown below) but it did not translate well as the slip I had in mind was way too long. I thought of hacking off the spare length but the rational minded one in the house suggested I simply take it off!

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  1. Hello!

    I heard about the tragic downsizing of shoes.

    Let me know if you want to elope, or something!
    We can't have those beautiful feet shoe-less :p

  2. Hi Oden,

    I think we all know that the down-sizing will only result in one thing - the acquisition of more beautiful shoes! Watch this space :)

  3. Don't you hate when you come up with this genius outfit and it looks perfect in your mind. Then, you actually put the pieces together, and they don't actually work. Gosh, it gets me every time!

  4. It sucks when the vision doesn't come together! I have a look in mind as I type and I just hope come Tuesday it all comes together because failed outfits are no fun lol

  5. Oh wow! I love this cape and dress combo.

  6. Hi Monica!

    I didn't realise just how much I loved capes until I found myself coveting every single one I saw on your blog. Methinks Fall 2011 is all about the cape!

    Thanks for the follow :)

  7. Totally, btw after your comment I realized Araks is so you!

  8. Thank you Madam! I want to get lots more wear out of it in the next few weeks before packing it away as I can feel the weather changing for better :)


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