Friday, 4 February 2011

Banished... clothes that is! Nope, I have not signed up to any challenge but with our imminent temporary move from a 4 bedroom house (with two walk in wardrobes) to a 2 bedroom compact house, my husband insists that I put 2/3 of my clothing in storage. You can just imagine the shock my tweets reflected immediately after this but I am glad to say that phase has passed and now that I can think straight (seriously my reaction was that of an erratic woman) I can see that it must be done. This does not mean that it makes the pill easier to swallow but I now have to get practical. What to retain and what to store. How can he not understand my need to have ALL my shoes around me at ALL times! My positive spin on this is that I am going to embrace it as a de-cluttering challenge but still where to start...

Please leave nice words and help me get my head around this! Have you ever had to make such a sacrifice compromise?

Storets leopard print harems, Uniqlo jumper, Jeffrey Campbell boots
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  1. I've had to do this several times over the past few years due to similiar temporary moves - you have my sympathy - its hard!! I know what you mean about having to have all your shoes around you too - and my god - you left two walk in wardrobes?? I hope that was for good reason!!

  2. I think I am in denial tbh (even though hubby is loading van as I type!) about the move especially knowing we shall have to do it all over again in a few months when our new house is ready to move into. And, yes, the walk-in wardrobes were the deal breaker when we moved in here ;)

  3. I've never had to do this, but after I did the first 30 for 30 challenge it opened my eyes to the rediculous amounts of clothing I did have...and the reality is that I don't need it all, and SO much of it goes unworm month after month...but I kept onto it "just incase". So I think you can do it...and maybe it will be a good much as it sucks

  4. awww honey. I so know how you feel. I moved from LA to ATL this summer and I had to pack all buy two suitcases of clothes to be shipped. And guess what, my shipment was delayed by FOUR WEEKS. What was supposed to be two weeks without my clothes ended up being 6 weeks. UGH!!!!! I survived and I know you will, too. Just try to put the questionable stuff in boxes towards the front of storage for easy access in case of a fashion emergency. LOL!!! :)

    Now, let's talk about those pants. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Natasha, I would be lying if I said I hadn't come across items in the past couple of days that I had even forgotten I owned (clothing that is, I nevr forget my shoes lol). You would think that would make it easier to say 'this can go to the charity shop' but no! My silly brain will not be convinced that they need to go!

  6. Ife, I am seriously trying to keep it together but I am finding the entire process daunting. I have a feeling that I am going to be paying regular visits to our storage facility!

    p.s I don't think I will ever get sick of animal prints ;)

  7. oh no, I can imagine how hard that is! I live in a 1 and a half bedroom falt though (2nd room is a boxroom) so its definitely doable! I'll make you appreciate stuff more when you get everything back! good luck!

  8. 2/3 in storage! Oh my.

    I lived out of boxes for a year and decided enough was enough. Moving out of my dorm room, even though my current flat is quite small, I found some wardrobe solutions such as double rails and the like to maximise and 'cheat'.

  9. If I were the same size as you I'd volunteer to take them off your hands.
    Sadly your entire body is the same size as my left thigh. (Yes, the left one. The right one is ever so slightly bigger.)

  10. Please forgive me for delayed replies ladies. I underestimated just how badly affected we would be by the move :(

    We are currently without Internet for another day or so and making do with hubby's iPad for checking emails is one thing but I would not dare attempt a blog update on it!

    I shall be back with gusto soon!

  11. Kat, I refuse to take you seriously on this! This would be a good time to admit that the last couple of items I have bought online have refused to go past my thighs (both left & right lol) making me question whether stopping with the spin classes was such a good idea!

  12. A change of address especially if it invloves downsizing is always a matter of serious migraines and lots of getting rid of some your most prized possessions. I feel for you.

    Great blog by the way.

    p.s. are you attending fashion week? i would love to photograph you.

  13. The new place is filled to the brim with unpacked boxes and I expect that shall not change anytime soon - so even though I do have some stuff it all still feels pretty remote hence the continuing headaches!

    Thanks for finding my blog. Will let you now if there is a chance of my LFW attendance as I still have fingers crossed :)

  14. Poor you. Keep your chin up!
    You are making me regret not buying some leopard print harems...


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