Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Maxi Preach

As I am off to Paris with my darling Mother-in-Law in the morning for a day of R&R in the form of shopping and champagne sipping, you would think I would be able to answer the simple question of what time I need to leave the house to get to St Pancras on time...

So while I get my head round the national rail website how about in the meanwhile I leave you with these images. Oh how I love the humble maxi skirts!

 TSR crop jumper / Charity shop maxi dress worn as a skirt / Stuart Weitzman open toe boots from Russell & Bromley

(Allo to my new blog-mates! THANK YOU for the follow, I promise I do normally make more sense than this but my brain is everywhere right about now. I should be settled in the new old house soon...)

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  1. I love your cardigan :)


  2. I love maxis so much! Perfect with the slouchy sweater

  3. Can you see why I could not resist buying the sweater in all available colours!

  4. Very unique outfit. While not usually into lace-up boots or lace-up peep-toe boots, these are nice to compliment the top and the maxi. Your loveliness glows again with this lovely outfit.


  5. I love this look and these Stuart Weitzman boots are my favorite.

  6. you are so precious. i love this look <3
    now following! muah!

  7. John, I know you are a man to tell it straight and I am happy that I am changing your mind, slowly but surely, over your footwear preference :)

    I have some lace-up boots to showcase real soon that you are either going to love or severely hate!!

  8. Monica, I was feeling the need for more 'nude' heels in my life so I am pretty pleased that the move has reminded me of the pairs I do have already to wear such as these Weitzman :)

  9. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! Thanks for stumbling my way - your wedding posts have got me super-excited and I cannot wait to read the whole journey.

    Congratulations :)

  10. thanks so much milly!! have lots of fun in Paris, love! come back with lots of photos :)

  11. I've newly found a serious passion for maxi skirts/dresses. I thought they wouldn't look good on me because I was short, but they're perfect. I love the pattern or yours, and pairing it with a comfortable jumper makes it practical for everyday. Oh, and I wish I could say I was spending a day in Paris. Hopefully, sometime soon that will occur.

  12. I always look forward to your comments Chelsea because I know it will be a well considered one :)

    p.s I can totally see you melting into Paris. You strike me as having that Eurocentric cosmopolitan mindset!


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