Thursday, 17 February 2011


Just a quick heads-up...I did a list post in the form of a weekly round-up HERE that I would like your opinion on. Should it become a regular addition to the blog?

Also, I have a new blog that I have finally figured out what to do with. The focus shall be totally different to what we have here as instead I will be sharing the literature, music and art that we love as a family. If that sounds like it would be of interest please do follow me HERE.

I shall be introducing a new pictorial direction on the blog in addition to OTD posts and I want to know beforehand how interested are you in seeing images of new purchases of mine including but not limited to clothing & fotwear. Leave me a comment and let me know as I want the blog to be in tune with my regular visitors.

Lastly, I am 191 hits off 6000 page views (whee!) and I have decided that is when my mega GIVE-AWAY goes live for my readers worldwide. Up for grabs are multiples of goodies including clothing, accessories, magazine subscription and of course a pair of stunning SHOES because what would MCB be without shoes!

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