Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Broken Heels

Can you believe it is February already!? I am looking forward to the month for a number of reasons, one majorly exciting one that I refuse to talk about until it has happend....

It is the last week of rehearsal for Yerma. We open next week! I am still loving the rehearsal process and hope the performances itself builds positively on this. As a cast we have really gelled well and I am looking forward to after-show celebrations. One of which will be a perfume party I am planning for the female cast members. I am not exactly what this will entail as of yet (apart from perfume & champagne) but I am currently thinking of it as a mix between an Ann Summers Party & a Swish (neither of which I have ever attended)!

This is also an opportune moment to announce my imminent first ever GIVEAWAY. I am so lucky to have created a lively forum here and I see this as my way of saying thank you to all that participate. More details to follow including the lovely prizes on offer for my readers worldwide.

Charity shop cardie & cut-offs paired with a TSR top, ever trusty Dany's and a bag I picked up in Ecuador last summer.
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  1. I love those Jessica Simpson heels....LOVE THEM!!!


    ps come check out my giveaway.

  2. You look fabulous as always!
    I want those does SO badly...how practical are they for chasing after a child though?

  3. Great outfit and love the shoes. I've never seen Yerma and would like to - where are you performing it?

  4. I want those shoes!

  5. Jen & Natasha, I should be concerned with over-saturating my blog with them but they are just so darn comfortable and leg lengthening that I can't help turning to them!

  6. V, I got to spend a little short of 13hrs in the performance space today as it was our technical rehearsal. The show shall be in a lovely intimate Barn theatre in Kent attached to my drama school. I think it sits about 200 or so which should make for a lovely parlour-esque feel!

  7. i'm loving this outfit. those danys are on my covet list. either those of jc's foxys as they are very similar shows. =) soon they shall be mine! but i love how you've paired them with those shorts and that top. you look cool and fun but also pretty and feminine.

    thanks for the awesome comment you left on my 10 commandments post! i really appreciated the feedback especially when you give your own personal nuggets of wisdom with it. very cool, it was awesome to read. =) lovely "meeting" you and i hope we get to connect even more.


    Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  8. That bag is fabulous. It sort of has all the pockets a girl could want, but still seems small enough not to be overbearing. Does the strap lengthen so it can go across the body? That would be great for taking to photo shoots I get to help on at my internship.

  9. Hey Chelsea!

    I fell in love with it for the very reasons you noted. The strap can also be extended for cross body wear and you can also unclip it and carry it by the handle for an even cleaner shape.

  10. Thanks for popping in Kristy! You wrote a great post that I could not help but comment on :)

  11. Lovely pictures!!


  12. Hi Barbie! Thanks for popping by :)

  13. Great, great outfit! I love all the pieces and you put it together perfectly.

  14. Hi Vivi,

    Thanks for the comment! And follow :)

    I realised I was focusing too much on newer items in my wardrobe so this was fun to put together as these are thrifted items I have had for donkey years!


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