Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sundried Upstream

Anything would feel relaxed in comparison to the last term at school but I am sure that I shan't have to eat my words later on when I say that this is as chilled as drama school has been for like forever. We are 4 full days into rehearsal and the play is already looking fab. We are now back in our uniform of blacks which could be a huge hindrance to someone running a style blog...I managed to take these pedestrain shots before the dress code changed. I like the fact I look like a 'proper' student albeit one with a Francesco Biasia school bag!

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Uniqlo jeans, Babooshka turban, Carla Jones jumper, Firetrap boots & Francesco Biasia bag.

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  1. Cute hat! :)


  2. Thanks Ire! I normally swear I look stupid in hats but I think I have found a style I can rock ;)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog.
    This outfit is so urban chic. I am a handbag collector so I am loving your bag the color is so neutral that you could wear it with anything. The belt with the sweater and to top it off the hat is just really a pretty look.



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