Sunday, 16 January 2011


I have been a naughty blogger I realise for going MIA for a few days but on the other hand I have been a really good family member! The weekend was spent out of London which was refreshing and not cold at all thanks to the magical jumper knitted for me by a lovely lady I shall be introducing you to next week (I shall be starting what I hope will be a regular series showcasing my fave Etsy sellers). I am such a scatty type normally and pack horribly for country weather never taking into account the wind, the rain and all those great things that nature bestows but it seems another year older has brought about new sartorial wisdom!

Audrey Cantwell turban, Next jumper, Uniqlo skirt and vintage flats.
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  1. You look so pretty in this outfit. I love the colors, the drape, the ease. Perfect!

  2. Such a cute outfit :)

  3. Hi Ire & Laurel!

    I think this is the softest it has got around here lately but I like me some cute sometimes :)

    Thanks for the follow as well xx

  4. I love this look. I love your blog too! You have really great style! xo

  5. You are very kind to say so! Thanks for popping in Jessica :)


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