Thursday, 20 January 2011

Simple Sums

I have learnt that walking into MAC and buying lipstick off the cuff is never a good call. Modesty and Morange look stupid on me. Case in point; as evidenced within the body of this post...My search for the perfect nude & orange lipstick continues so if you happen to know of any good ones that is likely to suit my skin tone do drop me a line.

Dr.Martens 'Darcy' boots, I really should have worn my denim skater dress with this instead we have Uniqlo denim shirt dress and the warmest jumper in the world (I shit you not) made for me by this lovely lady.
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  1. I recently bought So Chaud - also an orange tone by MAC but not quite so zingy as Morange - I'm quite happy with it - another nude tone they had which I bought was Hug Me which is quite a subtle nude. Happy hunting!

  2. Less zingy is exactly what I need! Will check out the rec' next time I am in House of Fraser.

    Thank you :)

  3. you should try fresh brew for a nude! x

  4. Adding fresh brew to the list. Thank you ;)


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