Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Value Added Shopping Experience: Super Sweet

And I walked And I thought...

I think the delight I experienced opening my package from Super Sweet has prompted a new addition to My Capacious Bottega. Reviews of my super sweet (see what I did there) value added shopping experiences or VASE (of flowers) in shor!

Super Sweet are evidently many things to many people (Art / Music / Fashion). I stumbled upon them in my guise of clothing consumer. I saw something favourable on the site a little while ago and filed it away for a rainy day. That rainy day came in the form of their winter sale. Couple that with an extra 10% that comes with joining the mailing list, I was sold - hook, line & sinker!

But wait, it got better. 2 working days after placing my order, with snow and all that great stuff to scarper all best laid plans and what not, I received my special delivery. There is brand personality from the get-go. The sealing tape was no ordinary sellotape but rather one inscribed with the catchy little brain tickler 'And I walked And I thought' - Yep, just ponder on that for a minute.

Upon opening the box, I could see, even with my acute myopia, that it contained many items. This is a good point to imagine me stroking my hairless chin. See, this should not have been the case seeing as I had ordered a singular item. And then it clicked! There be freebies contained in this super sweet box of mine.

Okay, I don't know about you, hell I do! We all love free stuff. Especially free cute / usable / wearable stuff.

Well, in this case I got all of the above. I got stickers that my daughter palmed off me immediately. An oyster card holder that my travel-pass went into pronto, a Super Sweet lookbook (top tip: lookbooks are great for appropriating outfit of the day poses) and to top it off, an uber cool scarf. And I mean, a proper scarf. None of that nancy-pansy handkerchief size jobs. No, I am talking the kind which parameters allows for head-tying as well as neck placement.

Do I need to mention that the purchased item was beautifully gift wrapped?! This is the type of shopping experiences I really appreciate. Especially as I buy so often online from indie labels, I notice the ones that stand head & shoulders above the rest. The brands that clearly have an 'identity' in mind when they think of their 'brand'. As far as I am concerned, it is up to you, the brand, to help your customers know what you are about and I feel like I understand Super Sweet brand identity so much more after purchasing from them and they in return have left me feeling rewarded but more importantly valued.

Clear brand identity + Rewarding shopping experience = win / win. Just because your business is primarily based online does not make it impossible to leave your clienteles feeling like they have been given a great big virtual hug.

Independent online brands that give big virtual hugs deserve the recognition and as I stumble upon them so shall I share their details with you.

Super Sweet, for providing a Value Added Shopping Experience; I salute you!

Have you had any super sweet online shopping experiences recently? Want to recommend a retailer of your own choosing? Please do leave a comment below :)

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