Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I have unconsciously adopted a winter uniform. It seems having to wear a uniform of black at drama school has not in any way put me off the colour. Instead away from school, I marry it with grey as my go-to colour combo of choice. On paper it sounds dreary but it just works and when the Nigerian in me craves more excitement in the form of colour or a lil' bit more 'Grrr', I play around with my footwear or laden on the jewellery.

I want to know, what is your current winter uniform and do you find you wear less colour in winter?

In an undecided state I tried on my Black, Grey & Tan Jessica Simpson Dany's before settling on a pair to wear out. I teamed the shoes with my Uniqlo combat thermals (love, love, love), Babooshka adjustable skirt, Bershka chain detail top & a Babooshka studded turband.
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  1. are those jessica simpson shoes? i really like them =]


  2. Yes - I wear a lot less colour in winter - black and grey seems to be about it! Like your grey and black mix up here with the different textures and prints. Love the shoes!

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Those are indeed J.S Dany's. Quick heads up, I received an email from the site and they are on sale for only $59 until the 24th of December - serious bargain IMHO!

  4. Hi V,

    I love how you also mix up black & grey. There is something quite utilitarian & very street about it that appeals to my sensibility.

    I find that playing with texture & print as you noted stops the colours being quite so 'flat'.


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