Saturday, 25 December 2010

Dark Star + Lonesome Blue = Purple Haze

Happy holidays to you all! I found time in between stuffing the turkey and draining the gammon to take these. No, I am not often found cooking in Balenciaga heels but hey xmas comes but once a year. If you click on the images you can just about get a peek of my gorgeous ear-rings I got from hubby for my birthday.

My burst of colour comes in the form of a bespoke dress from the lovely Sandmaiden via Etsy and as I mentioned the heels are Balenciaga which I bought from Larizia's Westfield branch.

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  1. That purple looks even more luscious against the deep red background. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you kindly :)

    I see so many neutral white backgrounds that I sometimes think I have the code of photo-blogging all wrong but you are right, in this instance, red + purple makes for a lovely combo!

  3. The colours here are a knockout. The blue dress against the red wall is visually powerful.

  4. Hi Laura,

    Would it sound odd to say I get a 'hit' off strong colours?!

    For someone that loves colours as much as I, I feel like I don't showcase that enough but those vivid colours are there, lurking away in my wardrobe waiting for the Nigerian in me to stop being so darn British & leave the greys alone ;)

  5. great purple dress! looks fantastic on you!

  6. You are absolutely gorgeous! That dress and the color of those shoes are absolutely stunning on you.

  7. Thank you Jocelyn! The reception to this post is giving me the push needed to wear colour often :)

  8. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for passing by!

  9. Loving the color of this dress. It is stunning on you! - Katy

  10. Hi Katy,

    Thanks for popping by! I am all set for my first Friend Friday post on the 31st but I am so worried I am going to get it wrong somehow!


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