Friday, 17 December 2010

Consume me...

Feening: to yearn, to want, to crave

I have not done this spot in a while but I am back on form and will definitely keep it a regular monthly feature. Looking through my draft crave list from way back in September, clicked links reveal that many items are no longer in stock and  whilst some I did manage to snag (London colloquial term for 'acquire') others I have simply moved on from craving, as so often happens!

The Givenchy ankle boots might not have made it into my wardrobe and whilst I am still craving some strokable calf hair footwear, I get dizzier by the day over great heights! The collection of stomper boots & heels I have amassed this season has obviously not satiated this craving of mine, a precarious pull that might just see me break my neck on the streets of London one of these days.

I introduce to you Chloe Sevigny's Opening Ceremony Mary Ellen boots. It looks like a towering giant that would intimidate many but not me. I want it, desire it, crave it!

On the soft side of things I have found myself drawn to agate stone since I came across a multi stoned necklace in Mango, Barcelona which I of course snapped up but jewellery label of the moment Mimi Jung's Brook & Lyn has created unique pieces that slow down my pulse, in a good way. I look at the 'Surrounded' collection and for a moment think, life would feel better with that on my body. I want them all!

I stumbled upon Yoko Ono's threeASFOUR silk kaftan at Super Sweet but could not justify paying the stated sum for it but as it is now on sale, it is now mine!

Before snagging it I did consider making a variant of the kaftan in the shape of this Clements Ribeiro inspired scarf dress tutorial from Braids and Bows and you know what, I just still might, once I get over my DIY fear of course.

Finally, I give you Luca. No, not my future born son but a range by jewellery designer Stephanie Wells that is so me. I am going to keep an eye on this and should there even be a sniff of a sale sign anywhere on the site, these babies are mine.

I still have the Giuseppe Zanotti Amber Boots in the back of my mind and that is where they will remain. For now....

What are you currently wanting, desiring, craving? Leave a comment and let me know :)
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  1. Uffa my list of cravings is long but my highlight would be a Deon Lee pleated dress *swoon*
    Tnx for the blog visit btw!


  2. How clever is her use of the Rorschach ink blot test! For my husband's sake, I am trying not to crave one of her new pieces :)

  3. Those Givenchys are on my wishlist too!

  4. They are just so covetable! Patience might just be our virtue in this instance because I have hope that Yoox or Ebay will bring them our way at a reduced price :)

    Thanks for not just commenting but also following. Each new blog mate addition never fails to make me smile!


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