Monday, 27 December 2010

Red Square

I know it is winter out there but there is a part of me that is in deep denial. I am so over the -0 weather we are currently experiencing over here in Blighty but who would let a little something like the cold put them off an ensemble idea?! I am wearing a COS skirt with a Threadless tee & a toasty M&S jumper. My sock garters are from Swan Clothing via Etsy and the cherry Doc Martens as featured before. Had I been wearing leather shorts or something of the like I think the heels might have worked (final pic) quite well so apologies in advance for any variation of this outfit that you may see in the near future...

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  1. Love the cherry colored boots! Sock garters are such an interesting idea...I may have to try them one day.


  2. Hi Rach,

    Do it! They are surprisingly easy to wear :)

  3. I like the two variations of your look, but since I'm going for the comfy things, I would choose the first one

  4. I love the big heels I wish I could wear heels that high but alas I'm too tall. Im following :)

  5. Martina, it is currently all about the comfy things because with the UK weather as it is, the risk of injury in anything but flat-soles is high!

  6. I love the doc martins! i like how they don't make an outfit look too dressed down.


  7. Fuyume,

    All you have managed to do is make me feel jealous ;) I am a lot shorter than I deserve to be therefore heels are my best friend :p

  8. Hi Courtney,

    You can always count on DC to lend a relaxed air to an outfit!

    Thanks for popping in :)

  9. love the red boots I couldn't decide between red and silver! xoxo

  10. Hey Paul, DC offer way too much temptation in the form of colour choice! If in doubt, go for both silver & red :)

  11. love the doc martens and leg strap accessories. I remember when i was doing clothesshow london and i had to put them on my model he was all "what on earth are they!?" haha.

    Helen, X

  12. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for popping by! I am loving the introduction of OTD posts on your blog so glad you took the leap ;)


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