Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Metal Primer

What I should be discovering with all this time off from school is just how much pleasure there is to be had from doing not very much. But alas, that pleasure is not mine to know. There is a low level hum of guilt that accompanies my doing nothing. I catch myself in a slight tizz at times thinking there must be something major I should be seeing to but there is not, the only thing I should be seeing to is relaxing...

Are you better at doing nothing than I am? How do you cope with it & how do you avoid that guilty feeling? Please share tips & tricks!

A variation of the winter uniform in the shape of a Grey thrifted labeless jumper, Black Lucyd Acyd flutter dress worn as a skirt & my newest Tristian Blair's via Amelie Boutique.
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  1. hi! i never heard of such bagel! i'll definitely have to do that next time i visit -

    beautiful shoes!

    xo denj

  2. Hey thanks for the kind comment on my blog! But sadly i have no idea where the crushed velvet skirt is from, i just found an unnamed picture of it on polyvore :( beautiful isnt it!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks Denj! And Happy New Year :)

  4. Hey MB, I hate to be the type to answer my own Q but looking on NAP yesterday I came across the aforementioned skirt. It is a Marc Jacobs number. On sale for a eye-watering amount!!

  5. Such a pretty necklace and I love love the grey slouchy top :)

  6. I can't get enough of the necklace. It is so versatile that I also wrap it round my wrist and hair :)

  7. I love the flow of your outfit! I love doing nothing. . just tell yourself you've earned it ;)

    Happy holidays x

  8. Hi P!

    Thanks for passing by. I need more local bloggers in my network ;)


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