Friday, 31 December 2010


This outfit is more of a N.Y.E precursor but I wanted to share it because it typifies me in a number of ways so I give you my go to wardrobe items for easy stylish day-to-night wear.

  • Leggings (I own an unreasonable amount). These also feeds my print craving.
  • Tunics. Easy to wear, easy to layer up and  forgiving on the figure. This also feeds my craving for bold colours. BTW it is a deep jewel green, not the blue my camera has made it...
  • Stompers. Shoes should be part of your armoury. These make me feel like an urban warrior.
  • Accessories (I literally buy in bulk). I always pile on necklaces and bangles. Scarves+turbans keep bad hair days under wraps.

2010 has been a year of sartorial progress in the sense that I have all but taken myself out of the fast fashion machine. I am proud to state that the most important and visible component of my wardrobe is my enthusiastic patronage of small labels and independent designers. I continue to make a small number of considered high street purchases but the majority of my wardrobe pieces are from small/obscure labels I have picked up on my travels or online. Blogging is a great exercise in figuring out the essence of one's wardrobe and I look forward to sharing more of my personal style with you in 2011. Thank you to every single person that has popped in here since I started this blog in June. Your support, comments and feedback have been invaluable!

I have a very special post still to come today. It should be live around 11pm, my very first Friend Friday. For those that shall not revisit the blog until next year (!)  Happy New Year in advance from the bottom of my heart :) I hope you state your intention from the onset because I have a feeling it could be your year. I sure hope it is mine!

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  1. Hi Indira,

    Thanks for popping by. I see that we share a mutual love of Kirwood :)


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