Friday, 12 November 2010

Let me count the ways....

A rushed post but a post none the less. Seriously, how can a week have passed already?! It feels like an age already but was it not only this time last week that I was setting off for Paris? The city itself was beautiful, wet & cold. Hubby & I stayed at Hotel Keppler and I would have happily moved in. We ate lots of snails & rare steaks, climbed the Eiffel Tower, jostled through the Louvre & of course shopped. No, seriously, mega shopped!

I died over & over again at La Valle Village which is the French version of our Bicester Village.

                                                     Lorenzo di Credi - Madonna and Child

                                                                  Hotel Keppler's Lounge

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  1. Like your style, You've got a talent for combinating colours..

    With love, Jenny

  2. Hey Jenny.

    Thanks for stopping by. And for lovely comment :)


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