Saturday, 20 November 2010

Children of the Sun

No, not the Gorky play, which funnily enough I shall be seeing on Thursday. Hmm, I am not even a line into this entry and I am already digressing...Firstly, forgive my absence. Drama school is eating into all the time I ever had to call free. It is currently a never ending cycle of skills classes, rehearsing, learning lines & performing all punctuated with soreness of the body, memory fugues & inspired moments and I love it all!

This belated post is purely about looking back to look forward. As I find myself thinking of my impending winter escape - we leave for India in just over 3 weeks time - I can't help but look back to the summer that was. I might have emigrated from a hot country to reside in this cold one but blood will out and when it comes to escaping for a week, or four, I like to get on that plane knowing I am heading for seriously hot climes. New experiences is the buzz word & I try and pack as much as I can in as little time as possible so that invariably means anything remotely high-maintenance when it comes to fashion & style has to take a back-foot to comfort and ease. I rarely wear heels, contacts or make-up & can pack a suitcase so economically that my hubby often suspects that I have stashed the remainder of my clothing in his case!

My item of choice for the summer gone was most definitely the hat you see pictured. In fact, as a family, it kinda became our motif and a perfect one at that for journeying around the Americas! For India, I am intending on changing it up somewhat. Whilst I am going to be packing a hat or two to take away with me, I am also looking forward to introducing kaftans & scarfs aplenty into the mix combined with bare-feet & sandals. Do you, like me, approach holidays with the idea of it being fashion down-time or are you an irrepressible fashionista?

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