Saturday, 6 November 2010

Charm Offensive

The following is a masterclass in how to mortify your pre-teen.

It is not often I get to do the school run so you would think the child would be super pleased to see me in the school yard, right? Well, quite rightly so. She seemed quite chuffed to see me until she got directly in front of me. It seems the throng of parents standing in front of me had obscured everything but my head from her view because once she had me in full view I could clearly see how mortified she was. In that moment, without the need to read her mind for it was written all over her face, I could see that she desired nothing more than a mom that wore trackies & trainers as casual wear but that my dear is a wish that even mommy-dear cannot fulfil!

Milly's guide to school-run chic involves: 1 Black Milk leggings. 1 Brown Jeffrey Campbell Lita. 1 Blue Vintage Lingerie Slip. 1 Blue Cropped Jumper. Lashings of Laissez Faire attitude. Pile on the jewellery to sweeten.
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