Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Luvvie in Training

Most people get to a certain age and decide to take up BASE jumping, have a second child or go for that promotion at work. I decided what I needed was to play.

So, I enrolled at a CDS Drama school (10 years later than planned). Play comes in the form of 40+ hours a week attending classes in Acting for Stage, Clowning, Stage Combat, Singing, RP, Voice, Pure Movement, Accents & Dialects, Sight Reading, Acting for Radio, Voice-Over, Poetry Recitation, Improvisation, Dramaturgy, Mime, Contact Improvisation, Story-Telling, Animal Studies, Mask, Oration & Political Speech, Yoga, Acting for Television, Feldenkrais and others I can't think of right now. And yes, I have personified the elements and nature on many occasions.

I might reference these arsenal of skills I am acquiring every now and then whilst using wanky terminology such as 'arsenal of skills' but do not be put off; My feet are firmly placed on the ground, encased in my newest pair of 5" heels!

(image source: weheartit)
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