Saturday, 4 June 2011

LOOKBOOK: Little Tiffin

With myself and an assistant on hand you would think styling would be on point, right! Nope! Spot the crooked neck-tie if you can. Grrr. Who knew I had the perfectionist gene in me!?

Major thanks as ever to all involved in bringing about the vision to life. The concepts are just getting more and more fantastical in my head. I swear. I am thinking stags, huskies, white horses.....but for now I give you the Impish Natalia in her secret garden.

A huge resounding HELLO to all my subscribers, old and new. Thank you for bearing with the blog changes a la direction like troopers. I have been asked via FB when I will be featuring myself on the blog again and I can promise it will be soon....once I sort my weave out!

Styling: Mulika Harnett
Photography: Peter Harnett
MUAH: Sheeren Dixon
Model: Natalia Mednick
Styling Assistant: Joe Atunrase
Photography Assistant: Terry Dance
Retoucher: ZentientBeing 
Runner: Woody 
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  1. Great job =].

    i have these shoes and I've been eager to wear them with something fun & funky, polka-dots are definitely a fun way to switch it up.

    Thanks for sharing =].

    Kimberly, FWB

  2. LOVE the polka dot romper! i have such a weak spot for polka dots...

  3. Thank you Kimberly. I am all about accessible styling. Glad it's given you ideas :)

    Mulika x

  4. Emily, glad you like. Polka dots should be a part of everyone's wardrobe. Yes, men included :p

  5. socks with the Dany's are always a good look! Love the styling job!
    xo Carlina

  6. Hey Carlina! Especially as the summer is here, I think socks will be a Dany wearing main stay :)

    Thanks for stopping by x

  7. cute!

    Neat post!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

    @MyLyfeMyStory on twitter

  8. Those shoes still scare me a little. I love the look, retro, height, hot, but I know I am liable to break something if I attempt to wear them. Fun to look at and appreciate though!

  9. I love polka dots, especially if it involves a playsuit.
    fantastic job amor.


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