Tuesday, 31 May 2011

LOOKBOOK: Airy Nothings

Reason for the time-out? Managing the most awesome series of shoots whilst also acting as Stylist. To say the past month has been hectic would be an understatement but darn I have never felt more alive. Seriously. Enough of my rambling intro. I present to you Airy Nothings. A collaboration between many brought about by the commitment of 9 individual creatives. And that is where this blog is going. Cooking up Home Baked Editorials for your consumption. The pleasure in putting together a team with mutual artistic interest and creating images of note excites me and the opportunity to style is a bonus. Expect more. Lots more!

Styling: Mulika Harnett
Photography: Peter Harnett
MUAH: Sheeren Dixon
Model: Mimsi 'Stunning' Kitchner
Styling Assistant: Joe Atunrase
Photography Assistant: Terry Dance
Retoucher: ZentientBeing 
Runner: Woody 
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  1. Great job! And congrats to you for doing what makes you happy!

  2. how fabulous amor, congrats, beautiful work.

  3. Dreamy & so easy to wear Jamie. Glad you like. And thank you for the comment :)

    Mulika xx

  4. T.R.S, Thank you! I am totally in love with it all. I feel creatively alive :)

    M x

  5. Hi Lady D,

    Thanks for passing by :) And would you believe your comment has just inspired a totally different way of styling that skirt - I should thank you!

    M x

  6. La Dama,

    You kind Woman. Thank you.

    I am in love with YOUR outpourings. So glad to have you following. Makes me happy knowing you like my blog ;)

    M x

  7. Good for you! Sounds like great fun!


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