Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Bare Essentials

Got my Medina's mixed up. One is near Mecca and the other, in Malta, is actually spelt Mdina. How do you like that!

Attempted a list post for want of providing you all with some partial substance to go with the image fodder but alas coming up with a unifying theme has been harder than you would image. If you disagree, please feel free to supply some inspirational leads and I will see the list gets written!

My hubby has started referring to my love of black & grey as me doing 'minimal'. Bless him!

Robot Ninjas Top & Pants
Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

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  1. Robot Ninjas - interesting label! I live in black and grey but like your combo of the marly top and leather leggings - minimal but with some added punch.

  2. Robot Ninjas are fairly new to me but I keep stumbling upon these small labels and I have to say I keep returning to the Singaporean ones time & time again.

  3. Hi Milly! I just received your comment about the Bloggerista Book Club- I'd love to welcome you to join! Please send me an email (tasteandstyle@yahoo.com) so that I can send you information.


  4. Just found you today via weardrobe....you are too cute...I am def a new follower.


  5. great style :)


  6. Hi Jen! Thanks for the add. Love the new bloggers Weardrobe is turning me on to :)

  7. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for stopping by. look forward to getting to know you :)

  8. I think this outfit is my favourite.
    Yes, yes it is.

  9. Kat, this is what I call lazy dressing - no fuss or frills, just a whole load of ease!


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