Thursday, 27 January 2011

Growing Pains

I have been eagerly awaiting delivery of my Net-A-Porter sale binge goodies so you can imagine how disappointed I was to arrive home this evening to find a 'sorry we missed you card'. Now I ask you, is it unreasonable to expect when Hubby states he is "working from home today" for him to be doing exactly that. Working. All day. From home. And not out 'getting lunch' when DHL comes calling...

I turned to these aggressively beautiful heels to lift my mood. And what my family refer to as my baby-grow!

Weardrobe has not only been very kind to me in the past week with numerous front page features but by also bringing lovely new bloggers my way. Welcome to you all! Do say allo in the comment box as I love to chat :)

 Beyond Black Dream Jumpsuit
Beyond Black Dream Vest/Dress
Kandee Peanut Crunchy

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  1. OK those shoes are absolutely amazing!!
    I'm going to publish your Fashionable Mama answers tomorrow!

  2. those shoes are absolutely to die for.


  3. Thank you for the write-up Natasha! I think the feature is a genius idea on your part and I am looking forward to meeting more fashion mamas through it :)

  4. Hi Mallory,

    Thanks for stopping by! Can I just say that I adore the concept of your blog. You girls are adorable!

  5. o wow those shoes! I have serious shoe envy. You look amazingly fierce. Perfect xxx

  6. Karin, why don't you instead check back for regular shoe-porn! This will not only keep the shoe-envy monster away but also your credit card safe ;)

  7. I want these shoes so badly!

    By the way, I really like Your style !

  8. @ Pat, lol ;) I think Josh over at Kandee has somehow created a pair of shoes that is universally covetable - how genius!

  9. These shoes are KILLER! I cannot get enough of them. Feature them with every single outfit and I will be a very happy girl.

  10. Hi Kate,

    I have a feeling that you shall like my Valentine outfit very much ;) Do subscribe if you haven't already for killer shoe updates!

  11. WHAT! These are my dream booties, studs and leopard all in one. I would die to just try these on, love them!

    follow me so we can be blog friends!

  12. Monica, anyone that realises the huge deal that studs AND leopard combined makes has to be a blog friend for sure ;)

  13. THOSE SHOES!!! *drool* fantastic taste!

  14. Hee hee! I cannot lie - they had the same exact affect on me. The only thing I could process was that they HAD to be mind ;)

    Thanks for the lovely comment xx

  15. YES! leopard print + spikes!


  16. The best combination ever, right!! Thanks for the comment Cat xx


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