Sunday, 24 October 2010

Devaluation is a slow and corrosive process...

Devaluation (from the hands of others) as a tool to break down the spirit is something that is weighing heavily on my mind right now so to find this post is just like a balm to my soul. Thank you for writing this Valentine Hart you lovely lovely woman.

Please, if you do one thing this year, have a romance with yourself. You are so special, treat yourself to treasures, pour glitter into your soul. Surround yourself with all things that glow, and smile with every step you take. Romancing is lovely, and loving yourself is no selfish act. We only have this one chance, the here and the now, and we must embrace it – because there will be no room for regrets once this life passes. If you have regrets, you only have yourself to blame. Do not think of yourself as a commonplace being – you are not. I promise. Each breath you take, each kiss you make, they are all so special.

Connect you mind with your body, think about what you can do. Aren’t you simply marvellous? I know in the brief moment you read this you will think that you are special, and rightfully so. Hold on to that. No one should ever be allowed to take away your shine. Those who try to tarnish you simply do not understand – and more to the pity, because they will perhaps never understand, not really. Perhaps they will pretend to one day, but unless they embrace themselves wholeheartedly without any inhibitions, without any provisos, then they will only ever be half-present. And isn’t that a terrible thought? Could you imagine only being half-present in this extraordinary thing called life? Can you imagine all the things you would fail to notice? It simply does not bear thinking about; it would be a permanent case of the mean reds.

Do not converse with those who try to trivialise your achievements. Those who think that putting one foot in front of the other each day is commonplace. Because it is not. There are a million reasons why you do not want to get out of bed each morning, but the fact that you do – well, that is remarkable, and should be celebrated. If you are like me, you can sense other people’s pain and suffering, and that in itself is a terrible burden, but take it upon yourself to try to help, or to alleviate, the sufferer’s pain. Try to share some light, some perspective. Because we all know how important perspective is. Is life worth living if you cannot keep perspective?  

Courage and self-belief need to be nurtured. Like a fine flower. Because you are a fine flower, you really are. That does not mean you are perfect. Who is? But, who would want to be? Those cracks on your surface – well, they just make you that little more endearing. Continue being elusive, enigmatic. Continue being a little bit tragic, but a whole lot whimsy. Do not apologise for who you are.
Take the time to discover your weaknesses, those blemishes beneath your skin, those flaws in your personality, and pour your love into them. They deserve your love. Do not take your love for granted, it is something to be invested and that investment must be in yourself, your real self. Not the mask you wear for the world to see. 

Begin that romance, now.
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  1. Exactly what I thought when I stumbled upon it. We spend so much time being nice to others that we often come last in the list but don't you just love the opportunity to be reminded of it!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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