Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Feline Fantasy

I knew a guy called Marco once. He was a cobbler, one of those old school types. He had a shop in the random-est part of south London and I used to pop in to get my shoes re-heeled, as you do. We got chatting one day and it transpired that he made shoes to order. Yes, as in couture. I was sold, instantly. I placed an order for not one but 4 pairs. All I then had to do was take in a pair of well fitting shoes of mine (+ save up a serious amount of wedge/dough/readies) for him to make a last of, which he then used to construct my shoes.

One of the pairs he made me was the leopard skin beauty that you see below. I have had this for years but have actually never got round to wearing them. Yes, I have put them on my feet and paraded around my house on numerous occasions. I have shown them off to friends and family alike but still I have never stepped foot outside in them. Until now that is. They deserve to be worn, not just admired and I intend to do something about it!

Top: TSR
Shorts: Uniqlo
Shoes: Marco (made to measure)
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