Wednesday, 28 July 2010

White Milk & Candy Drops

I starred in a music video once. Well, when I say 'starred' I mean I was one of 3 featured girls. Okay, one of three girls aside from the main model that is. Okay, okay, I am not really selling my role here but I was proud enough of this cameo of mine that I listed it on my Spotlight page. Oh, the desperation of a young Actor I hear you say and you know what, I totally agree!

So, why so happy to claim these few seconds of fame? Well, aside from the ridiculous call time (7am) and 10hrs spent on set in Forest Hill, not only did I make the final cut but you could actually see that it was me (without having to pause and then press play whilst in pause mode - believe me, I have done this....).

My heart was gladdened to know that friend or foe could watch this and say to themselves "hey, that's M looking all stush in silver."

The video in question was called 'She's Candy' by Hound Dogs and my character was simply known as 'Silver'. Yep, pick yourself up off the floor, I was Silver!

Fast-forward a few years and I have a new 'Kandee' in my life. I introduce to you my newest pair of shoes. They are called Milk and I feel like the cat that got the cream with these babies on my feet.

The headpiece is a OOAK that I commissioned and I would do it no justice to tag a couple of lines on the end of this about it so watch this space.

Ladies, gentlemen and lady-boys, enjoy my milk!

Shoes: Milk by Kandee
Blazer: Twenty8Twelve
Headpiece: Liz Dominey
Cuff: Tiffany&Co Elsa Peretti 'BONE'
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  1. these poses are soo fierce! i love your blog!!

  2. Hey Louela!

    You are too kind :) Sometimes I think I just look plain awkward!

    P.S methinks I need a pair of Michael Kors Brookville in my life....


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