Friday, 23 July 2010

Warriors Arise (Pt.1)

The decision to wear a sequined jacket might have just reversed any FML (Fuck My Life) sentiments that might have been attached to today. Seriously, there is power contained within them sequins and I would urge you all, should you ever wake up in the land of grey a la manic depression avenue, to fish out your sparkliest, glitziest, blinging piece and wear it as you will. Be it with stomping industrial footwear, edgy sexy urban open-toe or even that old favourite of all school run bound mum's out there, your birks! As you can see I decided to do all of the above but hey on a cloudy day, you need all the ammunition you can gather and believe me clothes can be the best armour when your inner warrior is lowly or just having a day off...

Dress: TSR Jersey Maxi
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell CLINIC
Jacket: H&M Divided
Belt: TSR Rope Belt
Necklace 1: Debenhams
Necklace 2: Knotted Line by Elizabeth Roberts-Woods
Earrings (just seen): Knotted Line by Elizabeth Roberts-Woods
Cuff: Tiffany&Co Elsa Peretti BONE cuff
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  1. Sequins definitely have healing power! Glad you could use FML so naturally! :)

  2. I smiled the moment I sighted the acronym on your blog post; it is so apt and will be getting a lot of usage from now on! Thank you for sharing it and permitting me to share it forward ;)

  3. You have renewed my love for the JC Clinics. I really need a pair now. sigh.

  4. Hey Dari! I adore my Clinic with a passion although they do garner some odd looks around the streets of south London. I had some boy actually stop, turn to his friend and state with an enraged look on his face "bruv, those shoes are ugly man" - I couldn't stop beaming! I like my shoes to affect people, one way or another :p

    Thanks for subscribing, I hope to make it worth your while :)


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