Sunday, 11 July 2010

Summer Fare

Have you ever worn footwear that was not conducive to the weather? Well, this is my tale. Before I had even got into the car I could feel my feet swelling. Seriously. Did I turn around and get changed? No way in hell! The outfit would not be 'the' outfit without particular shoe on my feet so off to the fair I went. I spent the next 2hrs praying that a pair of slippers would be found on the one of the stalls and would you believe it, there on the bric-a-brac store was my saving grace in slipper form and for the pauper-ish sum of 10p, it would have been rude to overlook them. To avoid such an occasion in the future, I will be leaving new slippers in the car. As we have all encountered, at some point or another, there comes a point in every woman's life when she simply needs saving from her shoe but I stand by choice; the shoes maketh the outfit!

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Top: Gerry Weber
Denim shorts - Papaya
Shoes - NOT Sam Edelman Zoe Boot
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