Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Sample the Goods

It is my birthday today. And no, I am not writing this from India (I had major visa problems) but that aside as I have now officially departed my twenties, regardless of location, it would be rude not to post on this of all days. So yes, whilst I freely admit that I am trying to stave off melancholy (though I am more than happy to embrace the reflective nature I am sure the day will bring) for now I have stylish news to report!

I had, to put it simply, a magical day yesterday.

I liken it to the fashion equivalent of those Virgin-esque 'Expeirence Days' you are always seeing advertised in the back of 'blokey' magazines & websites like Firebox. Oops, I digress. Yes, back to the magical day.

I got to spend the day - okay 3hrs to be precise - in the studio - yep, working studio - of non other than Jean Pierre Braganza, with the man himself! I am at risk of playing this up so I should state that it was a chance meeting what with it being the last day of his sample sale in London. But by chance, there he was. And there I was. I got to not only chat with him, listen in on his uber connected phone calls (I almost gasped at one point) but I also got to peek at the walls to see where his inspiration currently lies. It was such an experience just looking at those drawings and scribblings knowing that this is the very process that gets him to the point that we as consumers receive as the end product - a collection.

I got to see one of his pattern cutter/studio assistant working away (on the exact same soft  palette ethereal silk material we saw at his 2011 s/s LFW show). As an added treat just by being my disarmingly charming self, I got them both involved in pulling looks out for me and then pressed them further for styling ideas. It was seriously my whole kinda fun and total treat of a day.

I went in owning a single piece by him, a treasured jacket from his 2009 a/w season, and left now owning magical pieces from every single collection he has produced to date. Yep, including a piece from the forthcoming 2011 s/s season - seriously, pinch me now! Does this now make me a Jean Pierre Braganza archivist??!!

The piece in question is ultra exclusive and I swore to keep it under wraps for a little while but you know mycapaciousbottega is all about the shoes so I will whisper a clue to get your imagination going. Braganza + Kirkwood collaboration. Enough said methinks!

The only fail of the day would be Jean Pierre Braganza asking for my business card and I having to confess I had none on me.

Note to self: must take this blogging more seriously so I am ready for more magical happenings & meetings in the future and in that spirit off to get cards printed & register domain name!
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  1. Lovely blog you have here!



  2. Hi Dylana (beautiful name!),

    Thanks for dropping by. What a compliment coming from you - your blogging profile is one to aspire to :)

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog!!!

  4. Hi Joanne,

    Thank you for taking the time and reading some of my entries. It is really nice to know that my writing has an audience! Could I be so bold as to suggest you add me to your blog-roll for more enjoyable reads :)


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