Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Bright sparks

Lots of pics but so little words...I have to say something sooner or later so I guess I better get used to letting words pour out!

We popped up to Northumberland last weekend. Stayed in an amazing lodge at Slaley Hall that was as quiet as still waters, made a wonderful backdrop to showcase my new boots.

I had to keep reminding myself as I stood on that ledge that I am not a huge fan of heights but anything for good shot (the amazing photographer is my wonderful hubby, he takes most of the pics you see/shall see).

I now have Doctor Martens in 3 different colours and already have my eye on green patent as well. I imagine the obsessive in me will not stop collecting them anytime soon.

Storets Wingsleeve dress in Charcoal
Dr.Martens Patent Yellow 8 hole
SockShop Orange pop socks

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  1. I absolutely love your dc martens!! I've always wanted to buy a pair in yellow, white or some brilliant color, but then I always hesitate cause I dont know how to combine them... Not your problem as I can see

  2. Dr Martens seem to have mass appeal online & off!

    Martina, I think when it comes to colour you should never apologise for it. It is actually easier to wear 'loud' shoes.

    When it comes to combining it with outfit ideas, I would offset/juxtapose it with something in a calm complimentary colour but keeping the playful ideal.

  3. Julia, we share a taste sensibility I see :)


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