Thursday, 25 August 2011

A Change is Gonna Come...

Guys, guys, guys, what can I say!!

For those left on my read list. I thank you for sticking with me when I wasn't giving you much reason to do so. My Capacious Bottega is finding its feet outside of cyber-space as Shoot Content Producers and though I promise that all will be revealed soon for now I must keep schtum. However, what better way to mark this new brand new chapter of the MCB journey than with a brand spanking new online identity! And that is what we shall have. Stay tuned for sure, meanwhile I leave you with this snippet from an original MCB production...

Stark Schism: A Meditation on White

Producer: My Capacious Bottega
Photographer: Gabor Szantai
Art Direction: Mulika Ojikutu-Harnett
Fashion: Mulika Ojikutu-Harnett
Assistant: Olivia Broadbent-Smith
Model: Bernie V @ BMA

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  1. Great seeing a new post. I, like many of your other loyal readers and fans, have been vastly concerned for you. I've never stopped believing in this wonderful blog, though. Hope all is well with you after the tragedy you suffered long ago.

  2. Nice to see you back with so much positive energy and this is beautiful work. Hope you are doing okay with all you've been through.

  3. I am so happy to see you posting again:-) I hope you are doing ok. You have been in my prayers

  4. Nice to see you back and with such a lovely work that inspires inner peace on me.
    Hope you are well after all,
    Besos de Buenos Aires

  5. I'm still here lol love this!!! Hope you're ok!

  6. Thank you guys for the lovely reception :) And for all the positive energy, prayers and good wishes I could not ask for more.

    Today has been spent prepping for the last shoot of the summer production season and I shall and get a preview image up on the blog real soon.

    I also hope to get back into a routine that allows for me catching up with all your wonderful blog postings.

    A wonderful bank holiday to all my UK friends and to my overseas mates, enjoy the weekend!


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