Saturday, 25 June 2011

High Street Challenge - Day 1

OMG. The girl posts! Where I have been is prepping the production arm of MCB primed for full assault on publications by styling mega concept shoots the summer through. BUT that does not mean the blog is to be neglected because of this. In fact, all the 'seriousness' of the business side of MCB makes it easier to find the fun in blogging just for fun!

I undertook a 5 day challenge this week to see how I can best rock the current offerings on the high street and this is look no' 1. Yes, my hair is currently, according to Foxy Locks, 'Cherly Cole' red....She was way popular back when the weave was ordered but I digress.

I know I must seem partial to online shopping but seriously, I am not averse to shopping on the British high street and I really do believe there are plenty of affordable clothes to be excited about 'out there'. I am purposely featuring items from certain stores that some might imagine was not in fitting with MCB styling model but it is not all about high end couture here. You all know I like me some expensive shoes but I mix that up with vintage, indie designs, charity shops, established labels and high street. If the skirt looks familiar that is because you remember this.....
Primark Top & Skirt. Warehouse Denim Shirt / Jacket. Vintage Brogues via Etsy / Zara Belt

The blog is now a year old and I love all that it brings forth and all the new bloggers I have connected with. As far as global fashion domination goes the blog sits quite high on the pyramid of importance so rest assure that my 'front-line' presence shall continue to exist in conjunction with all my other attention seeking projects!
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  1. I adore your hair, red really suits you.
    skirt is a lovely color,all your fotos are awesomely beatiful.
    I want that name gold necklace.

  2. Great to be back on MCB again... awesome outfit! I love the skirt the most for this entire outfit.

  3. I love the maxi skirt and denim jacket! =)

  4. La Gorgeous, the beautiful photos really are to the hubby's credit, I just stand and try not to look like an oaf!

    The name necklace is my current obsession! Will get on to the designer and sort out a discount for my followers so hold tight for that post.

    Mulika xx

  5. Forgive my absence John. I have missed you guys and the blog. Between playing Lady Macduff (including an horrible rehearsal process) & the newly founded production helm of MCB I have just been snowed under but I promise not to disappear for so long again.

    There is another maxi to be featured as part of the challenge which I hope you love just as much :)

    Mulika xxxx

  6. Lovely to make your acquaintance Hope! I am a huge fan of maxis in the form of dresses and skirts or dresses pretending to be skirts ;)

    p.s absolutely adore your web presence!

    Mulika x

  7. You and your lovely comments. The photographer sends his regards ;)

    p.s loving your Wimbledon series!

  8. I'm in love with that maxi skirt. The color looks great on you!
    Please check out my blog and follow me!

  9. perfect, love the skirt in particular.

  10. Hey Marrisa,

    Thanks for dropping by. I will be sure to check out your blog and see what else we have in common, apart from a love of maxi skirts ;)


  11. Laura, the skirt was an absolute bargain and no-one can believe it is from Primark so I think I can't be that bad at this high street hunting ;)

    Thanks for the comment and hope you enjoy the remaining days of the challenge. Love to hear you thoughts always.



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