Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Fascinators, Heiresses and Penthouses

Remember the wedding I mentioned? No, not the Royal Wedding! The one that Woody, darling daughter, had been invited to not only be a flower girl at but also a reader (Corinthians 13 1-13). Well, the girl did good and of course I gave as many tips as any Drama school trained mother would! Needless to say she used lots of vocal muscularity and lent a rainbow of colour to the words :) Hubby and I were/are very, very proud parents.

But yes, yes, on to what I wore! I did consider 'doing' a dress because weddings = dresses, no? No! I understand that at times, it feels like the easiest style solution when faced with a 'proper' occasion to attend (such as a wedding). However, separates can work just as beautifully and look just as effortless as a dress. Especially when perfectly accessorised, as I hope this set proves.

The peacock/pheasant fascinator, a stunning bespoke piece by Liz Dominey, ( featured here) and jewellery, as chosen by hubby, from an extensive collection (mostly gifts from him) completed the look.

We shall be turning these images into a MCB Style-Book which can all be viewed by clicking here.

Liz Dominey Fascinator / TSR Cape Shirt / Dorothy Perkins Print Harems / Topshop Sandals / Chloe Clutch

I have been handing out a few, okay a lot, of the new cards we have had printed at every networking opportunity. The business cards look so seriously professional that the very act of owning them MAKES me feel ordained a proper blogger and I would like to say a huge hello to all that have found MCB by following the URL. So, to my new readers, I bid you welcome and I hope you stay a while, even better take a moment to introduce yourself in the comment field.
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  1. Thanks Doma-Nikki! It was a fun outfit to wear and translated well from the church service to the reception so it served me well :)

    M xx

  2. Morning Nicole :)

    In that case you will be pleased to hear that I have just picked up another amazing printed pair!

    Thank you for always taking the time to comment xxx

  3. Wow Beautiful pictures. I am hosting my first giveaway!!! I would love for you to check it out.


  4. Thanks for the comment Ju'lia and good luck with your first give-away :)

  5. LOVE this look! Perfectly accessorized! :)

    Alexa Rae xx

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Outfit is perfect as always! Looove the earrings!

  7. Dom, trust you to notice the earrings ;) I hardly ever wear them but fell in love with their gorgeous leaf pattern.

    Mulika xxx

  8. Thanks for stumbling by Alexa Rae. I love receiving comments from new & old blog friends alike so do pop back in soon!

    Mulika x


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