Tuesday, 5 April 2011

An Essay on Brevity

The lovely   awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award and I must say it came as a surprise mainly because I was unaware of the award's existence. I am not sure what I have done to deserve the award but I am going to take it as the compliment I know it is. There are a few actions required to accept the award and that involves showing respect to the bestower and quite rightly so. The idea behind the award is that you pass it on to spread some blog love to other blogger you interact with. If nominated you are meant to do the following

1)Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2)Share 7 things about yourself. 
3)Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers. 
4)Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

I came across Veshoevius through FBFF and liked her immediately.  I follow her because I like her warm style of writing, her personal style and I find the gracefulness with which she wears dark colours quite refreshing and yes, inspiring. We also own the same maxi Marble Print silk dress (she bought it, blogged it and I had to have it)  So, once again, thank you Veshoevius for being a cool blog mate and for awarding me a stylish blogger.

You can check out her fantastic blog HERE
As part of being a 'Stylish Blogger' I am also to share 7 things about myself and you all know I can talk when I get going. I ought to promise to try and keep it as succinct as possible but we all know that brevity evades me at the best of times. Finally, after sharing, I get to pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to 10 recently discovered great bloggers, which I have to say I am particularly looking forward to.

You know what, it only takes a few minutes of processing before you (read: I) start liking the sound of it - Stylish Blogger - in your head. Try it if you don't believe me!

So, what would I like to share? An Actors training is meant to aid the shedding of that which we call ego, that which inhibits you by desiring you to be interesting, rather than allowing one to simply be... 

Okay, totally random but that leads me straight to my 1st disclosure. I am obsessed with Theatre Practice. The unreasonable passion and corporeal practice of creating and immersing oneself into that which we call Theatre. I love the reflective nature with which we approach our practice and best of all I love knowing that the process, often unseen, that we often spend an age married to lives longest. And that the performance is never an end point but rather a catalyst for a creative big-bang. Thus the cycle repeats. I love Theatre and always want it to be a part of my professional  life in one way or another.

My 2nd disclosure is relative. I really want a PhD, though I think this might have more to do with the Nigerian in me. I have a serious obsession with letters after my name which I thought was mildly satiated after gaining my Masters. Seriously. We moved to this fine country for a grand education after all, the kind (of education) with such gravitas attached that we had to leave our homeland to attain it, and I guess there is a part of me still battling with 'when is the debt really paid between old country of mind and new country of mine'. And I even wonder at times whether I am meant to take all I have learnt back 'home'. I could be the Augusto Boal of Lagos but oh, of course, I forgot myself for a moment, for I am home... So yeah, I think this 'disclosure' is pregnant with subtext and should not be read as a revelation to spend my 40s as a 5" heels wearing academic at Aberystwyth University Theatre department.

3rd disclosure is that I used to be a total control freak over what I was allowed to weigh. A lot of it had to do with work but I did not need much encouragement. I was fit and had enough stamina for the lifestyle I led. I got to believing I just could not put on weight. Pregnancy did not change my body bar stretch marks but I got to my late 20s' and things such as metabolism and all that sexy stuff started to shift and change. The days of being a model size 6 seemed a century ago but hey I was also naturally athletic so resorting to the gym was kind of a treat. I fell in love with a shrinking body whilst having regular sessions, like an addict, at Spin, Body pump, Circuit and Pilates classes. I was in control of my body once again and then I did the unmentionable. 10 months into a 1 year membership, I just stopped going.

Disclosure 4  I guess links well to the above in that having been married exactly 10 months today (Yes, I am still very much a newly-wed) , I am learning that lots of control devices we utilise in our daily life and interpersonal relationships are built on fear. Marriage is teaching me that I would rather deal with my fears than mask them under a guise for control.

At work and more recently at school, I use each environment as an exercise to observe my 'control monster' specially focusing on what fear trigger it responds to. I work often with others and I am aware of my role within groups. I embrace ensemble model of training and I initiate collaboration knowing my unique skill set is acknowledged and required. That way I remind myself that control can be manifested in a variety of shapes, many positive.

No.5 I like trashy TV. I don't get to watch quite enough but I would if I could. Things like Salt & Pepa R back, Cougars & Cubs locked up on a Desert Island, Notting Hill Residents 24/7, Australian Border Control, Come Dine with me repeats whilst complaining loudly that it is a repeat. Right now, I am making do with Model Agency but it is not grimy enough for me!

I am trying to make this a free-writing exercise - can you tell? - okay, no, well, on to no' 6 right? I cannot wait till summer. Why? Because we get to move into our family home. We are all being very patient about this but I need to move, I need space back in my life. I want all my shoes back, out of the holds of the Big Yellow Storage and re-established on my upper floor dressing room in made to measure shelves. 

And to the last, no.7, quite simple really. If there were a tablet you could take that would stop you being late, I would pop it without a second thought. My lateness makes me want to punch myself in the face at times and I apologise a hundred times to the human race for every person that has ever had to wait on me. Now, past and in the future. I am getting better, I swear.
Black Babooshka Cape & Turban / TSR Jersey mini insert / Pamela Mann tights / Jeffrey Campbell Boots 

I love these opportunity to commune with my readers and I do hope it is interesting for you to find out a bit about me other than my latest shoe obsession. 

If your name is below, it means you have been tagged and awarded the Stylish Blogger badge of honour. You know the rules and it would be very nice to hear seven things about yourselves. 

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  1. Love the printed tights. They go so well with the black dress.


  2. You see why I nominated you for Most Stylish Blogger ;) I went through a phase of printed tights a couple of years ago. Wish I knew where they were now! xx

  3. omg thanks for the tag! I love your look, especially those amazing tights, they are so fun! I am such a late person, I really hate being late, but end up being late anyway, its so annoying! Congrats on your 10 month anniversary :)

  4. You are totally welcome Sophie. And very well deserved. I find your blog very different and that is indeed a breath of fresh air. I am also hoping your domesticity will rub off on me ;)

    Thanks for the comment and for making it through such a text heavy post!!

    Mulika x

  5. You deserve it because you are super stylish that's what! Great answers and thanks for the lovely words - awww! Touched! And waiting to see a post of the Warehouse silk maxi dress too. haha! you bought it!
    I hope you get moved into home quick because I know the frustration of having your life packed away. Found it so interesting you have a yearning to do a PhD - can I advise from bitter experience? They are SO not worth it! Unless you are passionate about becoming an academic your time is better spent earning decent money (and you'll have a better wardrobe to boot!).

  6. I am just petrified that the day I decide wear the dress, there you will be found on your blog wearing it too!! In all seriousness, thank you for taking the time to read my answers - I just go on and bloody on don't I but in truth I love the opportunity to chat on here as well as pose!

    Regarding the further studies, I know for a fact that I do NOT want to be an academic and I am not even sure if I shall return to Post-16 Teaching in the future....

    Is it okay to be smart, qualified and content just to be a stay-at-home that shops?!?

  7. Congrats on your award! I loved reading facts about you!

  8. Firstly, congratulations and I am not surprised you got awarded! From the first moment I laid eyes on your blog posts, I became a fan! I think your sense of style is inspiring, creative, and stands out from the crowd. I am also a big fan of your writing! Very entertaining and thought-provoking prose.
    And Thank you for putting me on your list. You have been so supportive and I truly appreciate it :)


  9. Awwww Mulika! Thank you for nominating me!! I still need to do my stylish blogger post for Veshoevius so I will probably combine the two. This is soooo sweet!

    Girl, after college I also became a fitness freak. I worked out twice a day, I was down to 20% body fat and a size 2 (I'm 5'4" by the way). I had the strictest diet. I ate 6 times a day and carried healthy snacks in my purse. I was a bit of a maniac... then one day, I just stopped. Now, for the life of me I can't discipline myself like that anymore. I don't necessarily want to get back to where I was, but I do want to maintain some sort of fitness regimen.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing all these fun facts about yourself. I enjoyed reading :)

  10. Your outfit is amazing and I love the photographs! Thank you soooo much for selecting me for this award!! It truly makes me so happy! I will definitely post about it soon! I loved reading your 07 facts. I too would love to have a PhD. It would be such a great accomplishment to attain. : ) Thank you again!!

  11. Good morning Bekah :)

    Thank you so much for your congratulatory words! You can tell it is my first hence the seriousness of the post in response but I am very glad you enjoyed reading about other aspects of me.

    Thank you for your continued follow and support xx

  12. Dom, you know you can't be too sweet to me in the morning otherwise I start tearing up - I am such a soppy cow! I am glad that I get to meet such lovely folks, such as yourself, through blogging xx

  13. Beautiful Ife, I KNEW that V had awarded you as well but I am sorry, what with you being not only one of my fave, nicest bloggers out there but also truly stylish, you know I had to throw the award your way also ;)

    Glad you enjoyed reading a bit more about me and likewise, I cannot wait to check out your offering xx

  14. Morning Nicole,

    I hope the award would make you smile. Having known your beautiful self for only a short period, I already look forward to our comment exchanges and it is always a lovely change of scene visiting your blog :)

    p.s I think that is the thing about me as far as motivators goes, I am always wanting to achieve, attain, secure MORE. What I think most of us need to do is learn to relax and enjoy & appreciate the bounty we have managed to achieve already. Don't you agree?

  15. Thank you for the award it's so sweet of you and very much appreciated!


  16. Congrats!! and i loved reading about you :) hey i'm a newlywed too! almost 6 months (in 10 days lol)

  17. Glad you enjoyed the read :) Hey 6 months is pretty major and deserves congratulating! We newly-wed bloggers should keep an eye out for each other ;)

  18. Love getting to know you! You are quite something... Briliant, bold, bodacious and beautiful.

    Thank you for granting me this award. I am very honoured you deem me worthy...which sounds all very highbrow!...but when Women I respect and admire feel similar then... you know, I love it!

    ...and oh dear God I love trashy TV too!! My weaknesses are Survivor and [gulp] Australia's Next Top Model!

  19. OMG your Pamela Mann tights are super stylish! Love it!

  20. Dusk, like attracts like my Mom used to say and it seems it even applies in cyber-land. Isn't that something ;)

  21. Nissy, aren't they just! You can see why I couldn't resist them :)

    Thank you for commenting x

  22. Thanks so much for the award. I'm away on holidays right now, so I'll hopefully remember to post something on my blog when I get back!
    Loved your answers!!



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