Wednesday, 16 March 2011

You make me like Charity

Clowning scares me. Not in the 'mummy, don't let him near me' kind of way but more in the 'please, don't make me get up and be a clown' way. I realise that without the full Fame School back-story this opening sentence makes no sense so click HERE to get up to speed.

See, my problem is that I have an aversion to looking stupid. I swear it aggravates my psoriasis. And without looking stupid, we have no clown.

We have all had moments where we looked stupid unintentionally, right? Some of us have been unlucky in that these moments were captured, by someone that cared in their own special way, for posterity, and are sources of amusement for potential life-partners during visits to your folks (everyone should experience the photo-album ritual/humiliation) or for frenemies that lurk on your Facebook page, killing time by going through your tagged photos.

Three weeks into Clowning and I am at a total loss. I raided my wardrobe for an attire fitting of a clown but nothing I own (Sic!) seems to cut the mustard. In despair, I must venture to my local charity shop. My mission: to find an outfit for the clown within. If I must look stupidly ridiculous I might as well do it for a good cause, such as the Red Cross. See, I am no longer thinking of Clowning as me looking stupid but rather me giving back. Yes, I have, as of now, elevated my clowning endeavour to charitable status because I know me looking stupid will make many a people happy.

You can of course help by suggesting what the clown in me should wear!

Nastygal Jumpsuit / Supre Cropped Tee / Jean Pierre Braganza Fur Leather Jacket / Cherry Dr.Martens

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  1. Well, I'm not sure how to help you on the clothing suggestions (and especially on the clowning front). This is a pretty cool outfit here. I wouldn't even be sure on what to possibly suggest for certain charitable causes, such as donating to Japan with their earthquake situation and crises.

    By the way... doing things for a good cause is ALWAYS awesome. Benevolence rocks! :D

  2. you always have such great outfits
    love your style so much :)

  3. I love those trousers with the DMs. Um I think of oversized trousers, braces & lots of colours, to sequins or patterns. Usually synthetic fabrics. Just look for the mentalist thing in the charity shop, buy it no matter how oversized & go from there?

  4. Hi John! I hope it didn't come across as a throw-away comment as I genuinely meant it when I said it would also be an opportunity for charity and I was thinking of Japan when I mentioned Red Cross (they are the main charity I think). It doesn't matter how we donate as long as we are donating. Mulika x

  5. Thank you Michelle :) I think I worry sometimes that there isn't enough 'pizazz' but I am happy that my genuine personal style translates well!

  6. Jess, I am noting your instructive comment down and will refer to it in hand when I am wading through the rails in the charity (thrift) shop. Thank you!

  7. Mulika, I love your blog! I have a passion for shoes as well, and i just can't affordddd it! I had to step away from some platform patent leather pumps yesterday... they were red. i almost cried, girl!

    have a great day!
    come and visit me at

  8. i love this blog, missy! and DM shoes, mm...xx

  9. Sharde, yours is the kind of story that will garner lots of comforting comments around here!! You are now amongst friends!

    Remember, you might not be able to afford the shoes you want now but when the time does come you will have amassed an amazing visual wealth of shoe-images stored in your genius fashion brain that you will be able to create the most magical of shoe collection. SO, patience, my dear friend, will be your virtue :)

  10. Thank you kindly Danielle x

    The comments on the last couple of posts spoke loud and clearly - feature more DMs. Thankfully my shoe-obsession knows no bounds...

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  12. Love your style girl
    love the colour of your DMs(big fan)
    wanted to get exact colour too
    very rare
    *thumbs up*



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