Monday, 21 February 2011

Fade to Black

School resumes today and I revert back to uniform black. I get used to time-off too easily but no need to cry as I know Easter break will soon be upon me. Not that I am wishing my life away or anything like that!

Day 3 of London Fashion Week and it would be an oversight not to mention it. I might not be in attendance but I get to live vicariously through these lovely lot below.

I also have to say the LFW streaming site is an absolute gem and I have managed to catch a number of shows live which makes me feel a little less outside the loop. Twitter has also held its own and here are my personal favourites for #LFW updates.

Fiona Pain / Sophy Robson / Mercedes Benz LFW / Katie Wright / Daphne Guinness / Laura Jlee / LFW /   Laurel Waldron

Bespoke Fringe leather Bag by Adeleshop / Black Jersey Dress by Rschone / Cropped Jumper by TSR / Shoes by Sam Edelman via Solestruck 
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  1. I can't beleive I'm saying this, but I love your head to toe black...usually I like some colour, but this is so chic!!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. Hee hee! In that case I take that comment as a great compliment ;)

  3. Beautiful black outfit with various metallic or beaded/studded accents. Lovely pictures!

  4. i love this!
    youre so pretty!

  5. Love this look! Great boots and amazing fringe bag. I want to just go through your closet and borrow/steal a million and one things! Thanks for linking to these blogs. I need to follow LFW a litte bit better!

  6. Hey Monica,

    I better not let my OH see your message otherwise he will be happily funding your E-ticket because as far as he is concerned the closet needs clearing ;)

  7. gorgeous girl! amazing outfit! :D

  8. Hey Matea! Thank you for the lovely comment you kind lady ;)


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