Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Fringe Act

First post of the new year. Yeah! A big hello to ALL my lovely followers. Thank you for choosing to keep an eye on me. It always makes me smile coming in here and seeing that counter increasing, sure and steady like...

How did you see 2011 in? Or are you less than a week in and already over the new year?! I am back at drama school next week and straight into rehearsals for Yerma, in which I am playing various random roles. Nice.

I have new frames and hair. I don't often wear my glasses for pics but I am, as with everything else, a collector. The ones below are my brown Cutler and Gross. I have had them for a couple of weeks but needed a fringe to make it work and as luck would have it a fringe came my way...

I have maxi's crying out to be worn so I am going to try and introduce them into my wardrobe this winter seeing as summer isn't anywhere near. I am off to see FELA at The National Theatre and I am wearing a Cesare dress worn as a skirt and over it we have a Carla Jones jumper. Can you see the belt? They are from ZARA and the Shearling boots are Park Lane via ASOS.

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  1. Seems like you wanted to hide a tough pair of boots under a lovely maxi dress. As much as I'd rather prefer a cute pair of wedges (pumps or sandals), tough lace-up boots can provide a nice touch to a maxi dress or maxi skirt. It's soft meets hard. You're a lovely lady, and this is a lovely look.

  2. You are gorg. Wow, great bone structure. Love the sweater.

  3. Hi John,

    You seem to understand my style very well :) I don't mind veering into the soft side of my style but I always need that lil' edge to pull it back! I always look forward to reading your comments

  4. Sweet Indira,

    I have to admit that I feared the sweater would look like an old woman's but I am glad you liked it worked into this look :)


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