Sunday, 9 January 2011

High Street Tart

Back to reality as of tomorrow. School resumes. Essay deadline and all that great stuff. Rehearsal for Yerma starts on Tuesday. I should really read the play beforehand. But hey ho, no use moping. Instead, let me revel in the memories of the past month. I have had an amazing break and soon forgot about India. My birthday was low-key but truly special nonetheless. I have been able to spend lots of down time with my hubby and daughter. I also enjoyed having lots of time for MyCapaciousBottega. To not only post a bit more regularly but to begin to get to know my fellow bloggers out there and what a lovely bunch they are! I am hoping the 40+hrs spent at school is still going to allow me time to continue doing all of these great stuff.

Here I am wearing Khaki Zara shorts, Vintage blouse, Dany heels and my latest high street acquisition - a truly CAPACIOUS Zara bag. Love, love, love. Shots below sees me changing socks & belt, adding a vintage fur stole and swapping shoes for my putty Marc Jacobs.

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  1. Those platform, open-toe, high-heel pumps are incredible! The shorts and blouse are cute together. Yet another lovely outfit from a lovely and fashionable lady like yourself. Best wishes to you in your studies as well!

  2. YES! Love the colors. Not one item I don't like. Great post.

  3. I am getting the sense that we are both in agreeance that the higher the heel, the better. Or am I wrong John?!

  4. Gorgeous Ife!

    I know it's winter but I don't care. I am making shorts a staple I tell ya :)


  5. Hee hee Indira that made me smile. Let me see if I can get a couple more of those YES comments off you this coming week!


  6. Well, I agree with three things. If you're trying to make a chic statement, there are three ways a lady can make that statement- (1) with high heels, (2) with platforms, or (3) with high-heel platforms. The alternative fourth would be high-heel platforms with open or peep toes. This is a lovely pair of open-toe platforms. It's still a lovely outfit. I learned that those "Dany" platforms are from Jessica Simpson. The style of those kind of reminds me of the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita" shoes, only that the Dany shoes are proper sandals while the Lita shoes are a proper lace-up ankle boot. Still, they look great.

    By the way... you mentioned birthday. And so... happy belated birthday to you!

  7. I totally agree with you John! I often get the two styles mixed up I find them so similar. And to add to it, J.C also has some high reaching platform sandals on the market which doesn't help!

    I am hoping the featured shoes this week will meet your approval :)

  8. I am in love with this outfit! Love the camel accents...such a great use of Fall colours! (I love wearing Fall colours every season!)

  9. Hi Natasha! I often look to the season for colour inspiration. I remember a friend telling me that if you are ever unsure of what colours go with what, just look to nature :)


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