Friday, 29 October 2010

Bruised Egos and Shallow hearts

I adore accessories and if I had my way I would have bunged a lot more on with this simple black jumpsuit of mine but time was not my friend & searching the house for jewellery that was not where it should be was not on the cards. Note to self: stop taking things off and randomly leaving them about the house. I kept the black & gold theme going by carrying Bagspace's baguette, Supre belt and my ever trusty comfy Kurt Geiger shoes.

I want to try and turn this blog into more of a forum than the decidedly one way conversation it is currently. Any advice on how to start this off? Or would you rather continue to peek & dash?

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  1. i lovee the jump suit and the kurt giegers! you have great style!
    Iv'e just launched my new Vintage & Designer Store called FAUX REAL!
    come check it out and follow for updates and giveaways! I think you would love some of the stuff we have!

  2. Hi M.B,

    Forgive the delay in responding to your comment - it is soooo not like me. Note to self: must pay closer attention to comments tab...

    Can I just say you Australian girls have mad style. I will be sure to keep an eye on your page! Thanks for checking out my modest little page, compliments are always gratefully received :)


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